No, it has nothing to do with Aldus Huxley’s novel. The Happy Planet Index is the first index that measures the environmental impact and the welfare of the people, and records data on how long people live a happy life. They measure it in terms of satisfaction, longevity, and environmental impact and this is called Ecological Footprint.

Now, here comes the really interesting thing. This index does not reveal the happiness of the countries in the world. What really shows is the relative effectiveness of  nations to convert the planet’s natural resources in ways to ensure a long and happy life for its citizens.

The nations that lead the index are not necessarily the happiest places in the world. What the score shows are the achievements of certain nations to ensure good life for its citizens without over exploiting natural resources on the planet. The HPI shows that in some nations the life expectations and the happiness index is variable, from very good to very bad, and it’s environmental impact shows here too.

It also addresses the economy in its most basic: input (resources) and output (in terms of human longevity and happiness). The overall index shed results on 178 nations and shows that the world as a whole has a long way to go, we can all do better.

Apparently there is a close relationship between a country not being “developed” and happiness. Keeping that in mind, perhaps the reason is that in a developed country, because of the access to information, and the particularities of the place, people demand different types of commodities and services, with it’s environmental cost.

For example, a home in a developed country, is equipped with all sort of devices that replace physical labor, unlike an “underdeveloped” or “on the way to development” (or just stuck in perpetual puberty) country, that is not the case. Therefore, everything has an exponential environmental cost.

So, I’m proud to say that Mexico has a respectable 38th place in the index, it scored well in two out of three. There is still much work to do that … but we’re happy country and that is that….

I took this picture last time I saw the Pacific Ocean, … sitting pacifically with a cold Pacifico in my hand. I call this happiness. What about you?



Fritania de las dos Cejas

P.D. This post was possible thanks to Lily Diaz, a good friend that brought this to my attention. Thanks Lily!

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