Are you sure you are a woman? You look like an artichoke… and if you think you are unlike it, it is advisable to visit Artisokka, Helsinki Woman Film Festival. You will be convinced that you are a vegetable…
… and if now you are in a critical situation in front of a mirror, don’t worry, in Finland women don’t dress up as artichokes, or artichokes as women… it is all the opposite. The origin of the name of the Festival is based on the phrase that was said by Zampan to Gelsomina about her likeness to the vegetable, in the movie 
La Strada   from Federico Fellini (1956).

Every year the Festival presents high-level internationals films from around the world. The main topic is the life of women from diverse cultures, it shows the work of women film makers, actresses or stories directed by men in which a woman is involved: great woman, we are muses who inspire music, poems… and films!

This year we have three days of good movies -17 to 19 April- and with my multiple personality I found excellent stuff. I advise you to follow their track in case you live in Finland or in any other part of the world:

For those feeling as dramatic artichokes, Frozen River (Canada) is an excellent option. It was nominated for Oscar, with 23 prestigious prizes and 14 nominations. The feature-length script is set in a real-life smuggling zone on a Native American reservation between the state of New York and Quebec, where the lure of fast money presents a daily challenge to single moms, who smuggle illegal immigrants. They are involved in a cat and mouse game followed by officials across the frozen river, which is not exactly the Rio Grande (between Mexico and US).

Wendy and Lucy (USA) directed by Kelly Reichardt, who is considered one of the main makers of Indie films. The story involves a dog (Wendy is the woman and Lucy the dog, don’t be confused). Both must confront a series of increasingly dire economic decisions. The main topic is loneliness and it shows the other face of independence and freedom. The script is about injustice of classifying people in winners and losers. Imagine this story with the best friend of man: Wendy, sorry Lucy.

The movie Cherry Blossoms (Germany), considered for it’s filmic beauty, shows the principles of value, love and doing something for others. A woman finds out that her husband has a mortal disease and doctors advise her to do something special with him. They decide to visit their sons, who live in Berlin, but the woman’s surprising death change all their plans. The man goes to Japan to find out more about his wife. Surely all the vegetables that have the hope to recover something lost in their life will enjoy this movie.

For the existential artichokes Three Women (Iran) is a strong story about three generations: the grandmother, the mother and the daughter who are lost in the past, present and future. They are living in their own worlds of dreams and obsession. In the end they find out who they are. This story seems familiar… Where have I heard this before? In another part of the world with other protagonists… any clue?

Other movies of high quality, which will be in theaters, are Young Victoria (UK), Those Who Remain (France), Back Soon (Island), A Journey of a Woman (India), and The Silence of the Palace (Tunisia). The festival presents documentaries and animations made in Finland as well as a seminar about the importance of the relation between producers and directors.

Helsinki Woman Film Festival was created in 1998; it is considered a small event with a great demand because of the high quality movies it shows every year. The festival takes place in Helsinki and in Tampere.  For more information visit:

An artichoke obsessed with good films
Rocío Adelita de las Pistolas


Una respuesta to “Artisokka”

  1. Roasted chicken said

    I can’t wait for this to start! It is so great that we can have a film festival dedicated to us women! I will certainly make my calendar suit the movies!

    Kiitos Adelita de las Pistolas


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