I read Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (1969) a few years ago. I thought it was brilliant, I  thought about  his philosophy, about his unique style in writing and how he described the world, Universe.  The use of  his self coined terms like “omniwell-informed, intertransformative” and the most important one synergetics, before the term synergy became popular.

Probably the first environmentalist of last century, with a clear conscience that the world would run out of resources quite soon. Sensible designer, under the principle of “do more with less”. He envisioned our surroundings as Universe, without articles and in a capital letter, “by Universe I mean: the aggregate of all humanity’s consciously apprehended and communicated (to self or others) Experiences.”

The notion that we are IN a spaceship, we are all in spaceship earth, makes perfect sense in environmental terms and community. His realization that reality cannot be fought, it can only be recreated aunder new or different models. That challenges us to realize that the previous model is “obsolete”, therefore from the need, make changes.

From spaceship Earth, I salute you,

Fritania de las dos Cejas



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