IKEA is the name of a Swedish chain stores for home furniture and any type of accessories that can be found in over 40 countries in the world, with a little over 240 stores spread across Europe, North America and Asia. IKEA was able to cover a large piece of the market for furniture design at low cost, when his founder, Ingvar Kamprad, started his business in 1943 at the tender age of 17. Originally selling pens, wallets, picture frames for pictures, tablecloths, various gifts, etc…, whatever Ingvar could sell at low price. In case you were wondering, the name IKEA comes from his initials (IK) and the letters of your birthplace “Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd.

What makes it so special?, Why buy there?, First of all, the price, “… the type of furniture and design at those prices …. there is nothing to discuss. I’ll take it! “

But I wonder, what is the true story behind a corporation of this kind? It has been said that IKEA is the parameter with which to define the global middle class, but is more likely that IKEA is the expression for determining a type of middle class: the wealthy or the middle class that lives in Europe and Northern America and parts of Asia. Since in terms of income, is there none of the middle class in Central and South America, what of the richest countries in Africa?

As a thermometer of middle class, IKEA is a mix of ideologies of the past and present: a collage that reflects the founder’s personal life … his mother’s decorating styles, how his father’s watercolors capturing family moments and everything. This over time has been set in what we now see pictured in the catalogs from the store. Real scenarios of modern homes, full of well-designed and functional objects that … some certainly have not changed in 50 years.

All this with a democratic society background (in this case Swedish). Egalitarian, pragmatic, utilitarian, and capitalist… with a sense of ubiquity within the middle class. You can also read between the lines the result of tenacity and the founder’s obsession for… the perfect opportunity. So … could we conclude that the truth is to say that IKEA is a sign of our times?, A milestone in our history? Am I totally IKEA?

Indeed, their campaign commercials really funny.


Fritania de las dos Cejas



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