Last week I wrote about the difficult method of learning Finnish and this time I am writing about the possibility for a foreigner to find a job. For instance, having a job below one’s professional expertise is not exactly motivating. However, but in all integrating processes in any country, language can be a barrier to find a better job opportunity.

In 2008 there were 15,611 foreigners in the “integration program” provided by the Finnish government and one out of every six immigrants found a job, according to the statistics published by Helsingin Sanomat.

When a foreigner arrives to Finland, having all the permits required, has the right to the integration program. It is started at the unemployment office with a language course. The program takes from three to five years, depending on each situation. It is a long process to find a job and only two out of every seven people find one related to their profession.

As I mentioned in my last post, the law that regulates the integration programs was created 10 years ago and for this reason the Finnish Parliament is planning to approve a new one in 2010. The government wants to shorten the process, the aim is that immigrants can use their own professional experience and they can be guided to find better jobs. For example, there are many who have studied a master degree and they work cleaning etc. In most of the cases there is no additional training apart from the language, which forces many to change their professions.

The government plans to introduce a new law that would put immigrants in the same position as those who have come to Finland as refugees who have had more training according to their specific situation.

Language training will be improved as well. The aim is to have one integrated process and not many. In the current system foreigners study the language in different schools and take many different courses.

Finland needs foreigners, it has already been recognised. For this reason we hope that the new law can bring about a more effective process and we hope that foreigners can learn faster and in a better way the language. We also hope that we can have jobs according to our experience…  because at the end who are the once who benefit the most…?

Rocío Adelita de las Piatolas


5 comentarios to “One out of every six immigrants found a job”

  1. Luke said

    This is indeed a sad statistic and sorry state of things at the moment. I can just imagine what the late cuts at all sectors have done to these numbers.

    Although it might be costly the Finnish government should invest in integrating the educated immigrants as a work force. For this I believe the best way is to have crash language courses, because I believe that not knowing the language is one of the biggest barriers between educated foreign workforce and job placements.

    At least we’re moving in to the right direction as the government is doing something and there’s discussion in the media. It’s a start.

  2. lorenzo said

    300.000 desocupados finlandeses antes de terminar

    2009. Adonde mandamos a ellos

    • Y a donde vas a mandar a los extranjeros que ya tienes aqui? Por supuesto que lo mejor seria que no hubiera ni desempleados finlandeses, ni extranjeros… pero la realidad es otra. Finlandia ya tiene muchos extranjeros, entonces cual seria la mejor propuesta para ellos? especialmente para que no fueran una carga para el gobierno… Tu que propondrias?

      • Canelo Leche Amarga said

        The question “where you would send all the foreigners that are already living here?” has not justification. I mean foreigners are all over the world. Even in the third countries there are plenty of foreigners and you cannot send them anywere because they are part of the population. They have families that are Finns or those foreigners themselves have paid plenty of taxes so they can have access to those programs.

        People should forget about sending foreigners back to their countries because it is impossible to do. We should focus in getting integrated.

        Of course the situation now is hard for everyone, but we (as foreigners) should try to adapt the best way possible to this society and try to help others. How? There are many ways. One good example is this blog. I think this is my propose. What do you think?

        Canelo leche amarga

  3. lorenzo said

    Una persona de origen africano que pisa con sus pies
    la costa norte del Mar mediterraneo ya esta informado a que pais conviene a dirigirse. Finlandia tiene todavia los leyes de extranjeria bastante suaves y
    donde los autoridades tratan de conseguir algun
    solucion individual a cada emigrante.
    El fenomeno de escape de capitales finlandeses han
    causado la desocupacion actual y no hay solucion
    a la vista a corto plazo.Igual que los emigrantes
    tambien los finlandeses estan amargos lo que sucede.


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