Power, as mentioned by philosophers, sexologists, sociologists or political scientists, is as productive as it is destructive. Like love, is one of the moving forces of the world, and can be eroticized. This act taken a bit to extremes, is called sadomasochism, a term coined by the Marques de Sade.

As we know, sexuality is essential to our both psychological and physical well-being, and it’s as many things in life, a matter of balance. Classified as a sexual desease by some conservatives, sadism and masochism, conditions that might appear isolated, they come together to complement and combine roles in the sexual power play.

This is, to dominate or be dominated, to create a fantasy, to create a game for two … or more. Don’t get scared, nor I too excited, not all games include whips and black leather clothing, or ¡more than two!, if that’s not your thing.

Although sadomasochistic practices are famous for the variety of items that can be integrated, the roles of dominating or dominated in the bed are given in a natural way, the interesting thing is to actually decide upon accessories to give “realism” to the production. I’d say, it’s fun to roll-play… one day I “arrest you,” another day … you “assault me”. Besides, who can deny the wonderful cliches that these practices have given birth to…. like the famous dominatrix, or dominas. The beautiful Betty Page… we salute you.

So, what about you,  same old, same old?, or new menu each month?, dominated or dominatrix?

If you’re insanely curious…. then I like you…


Fritania de las dos Cejas



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