I’m a Graphic Designer, but one of my passions is cooking. So, I signed up into cooking school. Wow… trust me, it’s completely different to cook out of passion than to be a Chef… don’t I know. Anyway, it seems that cooking has found the perfect spot to reach out to everybody and grow as a culture within a community. The Internet has provided that space. If you by any chance have browsed and looked for anything related to cooking, from a recipe to a video showing how to cook, cut, or make anything you have probably bumped into a number of sites and they all offer good solutions. I tried my best to list what I consider to be the best, the good, useful cooking blogs, funny, the bad cooking blogs and ugly cooking blogs. Let me know if you think I’m missing some important blogs from any of these categories.


Chowhound. One of the best cooking sites with good information about real cooking. I guess that when it comes to cooking this is one of the blogs I visit the most. Good job!
Lucullian. Not the nicest graphics, but the recipes are good, should stop by.
Comida Yucateca. I’m Mexican, I love my food. One of the best cuisines in the country is the one form the peninsula on the Caribbean. You will find recipes, original and good ones. Enjoy!

Good and useful

Thai Food Tonight. One of the best blogs on Thai food with instructional videos. No cool graphics and the lady who is Thai and the mother of the hot young Thai girl, also host, has a strong Thai accent. Sometimes hard to understand, but overall really good blog.
Videojug. Interesting thing about this site is that it’s not properly a cooking site, it is a site that “explains live through video”, among other things. So If by any chance you want to learn how to make sushi… or frenchkiss…


The Food Whore. No good recipes, nothing instructional about it, have to give it to her. She is honest about the whoriness!
Suicide Food.  More than a food blog is a review on places and the funny side of identifying themselves with “the oppressor” as they call it, that’s us… the meat eaters!!
Cake Wrecks. Not instructional… but if you think pastry is an easy business… think again.


What can I say, I love food, I rarely bump into a site that has nothing for me to learn, even if it’s very basic. So this category is quite empty, but if you know some, help me list
Funny Foreign Food. It’s not only that he honestly does not have an opinion on the quality of food, this post is about a Mexican typical dish that is now sold in a can… what the @($* does he know about “menudo”?  Thant little jerk!


Plain ugly

Ugly Food. About ugly and bizarre food, don’t expect any recipes on that one. Not instructional… not that ugly but I had to fit it somewhere. Funny though.

And some kitchen humor….

So hope you’re hungry already, I am…

Fritania de las dos Cejas



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