To Wreck a Movie is to make films in a different way, to make them online. The name of the platform is taken from, Tampere, Finland based Star Wreck Studios, who created the site. It’s not just any production company. These guys, maybe for the first time in history of film, successfully fuse Internet and filmmaking. Their aim is to create simple workflows and to bring the community to filmmaking. And they do this for free.

The platform got started when the creators did a scifi film called “Star Wreck”, which relied heavily on the help from the community. (Star Wreck was uploaded on the internet in 2005 with subtitles in more than 30 languages and it currently has over 8 million viewers worldwide). By wrecking, Star Wreck director Timo Vuorensola and producer Samuli Torssonen have challenged the traditional model of filmmaking and created a full-length feature film with pretty decent effects all for the comfy sum of 15.000 Euros.

So, lets see, on today’s currency: 15000 Euros = 19,935.81 USD = 285,715.33 Mexican pesos. That’s what a brand new 4 X 4 tracker costs. Pretty radical.

How do they manage? After Star Wreck, the studio developed a site with a platform that houses a very active online film community. The Wreck A Movie community includes the film makers (short, feature, documentary etc.), various interesting film productions to collaborate with and of course the community members who take part in film production. These members can be anything from script writers to graphical designers or sound engineers, amateur or professional who all share the interest in making movies happen.

The site Wreck a Movie ( is a community “group work” oriented platform, which generates workflows, from the very beginning of a project, along the line of production and post-production, this helps shorten the production time and costs, and all thanks to team work! The film maker creates tasks for the community around the production, which the community then completes. These tasks can be anything from creating CGI models or to, for example, sending photos in in order to help the film maker find locations to shoot in. In the pre-production phase Wreck A Movie can be used as a huge wolrd wide think-tank for fresh ideas.

So by doing this, the free of charge work exchange generates groups around specific film projects. Additionally when the project is ready, the community becomes the big viral marketing asset for the production as everyone who collaborated tell their friends and contacts about the film.

The prime feature of Wreck a Movie is that it is all for arts (or entertainments) sake, which makes it so appealing for anyone who has enough will and energy to start a project of their own. Starting up is as simple as to visit the site, create a profile, and then “add your own production” or “Join the production” of your choice.

At the moment Timo and Samuli work on their upcoming film called Iron Sky, and will soon be visiting Tequila Bajo 0º. Iron Sky is a science fiction comedy about the Nazi invasion from the dark side of the moon on year 2018, with a comic and unexpected twist.

So, if you are a young talent waiting to be pulled out from where ever you are, this is your chance! Visit Wreck a Movie, create your profile and start wrecking! 🙂

Supporting independent films, independently…

Fritania de las dos Cejas



3 comentarios to “Wreck A Movie”

  1. Luke said

    Brilliant post about a brilliant design. Wreck A Movie truly is a much needed new thing and to produce a film with the community is a great lot of fun.

    Looking forward of your interview with Timo and Samuli. Keep up the good work!

    • Luke! Nice to hear from you! Thank your for your comment, we believe that too, brilliant design for a brilliant idea. I think it has a “brilliant” future. And I put that in quotation marks because, I truly believe it will go beyond that.

      Fritania de las dos Cejas


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