Yoku  Shimizu is one of the most prodigious Japanese illustrators of our time. Her work goes from children illustration, commercial art to erotic art in which you can clearly see the Japanese school and all what she has visually cultural background.

Might be just me, but I dare to say that I can see the influence of master illustrators such as Kazumaza Nagai and Katsushika Hokusai in her style. Of course, it’s been time and her amazing ability to contemporize which make her work unique. Although she personally does not believe in style as such, Yoku Shimizu has clearly portrayed her personality in each of the pieces, I call that a defined style, what do you think?

This is worth mentioning because further ahead in this post I’ll make several references to her style. Yoku Shimizu, like a real graphic artists started her work out of pure passion for drawing and art. She finished Marketing BA thanks to family pressure but by the tender age of 22 she already had her mid-life crisis… since she did not feel like herself in this, and PR wasn’t her thing either… she saved enough to put herself through Art School, just as she wanted from day one.

A woman with taste as eccentric as Mexican wrestling, milk chocolate and tea with milk, Yoku is a restless traveler and last March she was in Jalapa, México. She was there for the opening of an exhibition on her work in Amarillo Design Centre, and according to her Blog (http://www.drawger.com/yuko/index.php?article_id=7365)  she had a great time. She is a tutor in one of the most prestigious schools, The School of Visual Arts, in New York, and her client portfolio includes brands as big as Nike, Playboy and MTV, among others.

Yoku’s  style mixes realistic images with surreal scenarios, add a solid color palette to that, and you have an original Shimizu. In some of her series, the management of erotism is sublime, and in other series, like the ones rated for under 15, mix beautiful fantasies that probably have sprung from her dreams and childhood memories.

One of my most favorite series is Letters of Desire (from A to Z). A compilation of erotic illustrations with her unmistakable style and a touch of Asian kinkiness … few times seen before. 😉

Candy for the eye…
Fritania de las dos Cejas




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